5 thoughts on “Better angels

  1. A true and poignant telling, Fran. Can’t wait to catch up on your writing. Always worth my time.
    Love to you at this terrible moment once again when we say how does this happen? How could anyone do this to people, to precious, innocent, lovely children? Evil is around and I believe in the multi-pronged approach. Not this just that kind of thing. We need to help the lost and save the rest of us from their insanity.

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    • Thank you, Janet. Debates rage on and losses mount because of our inability to pull together in resolution… and you’re right, it isn’t a simple process. It all gets back to brokenness in the heart of humanity. I know of only one fix for that. Love to you as well and I so appreciate your always-encouraging words.


    • Felix, thank you for your words as well, here and from the pulpit. That IS a task. A sacred one, in the face of so much unholiness. The last thing I tell my husband before leaving for church each Sunday is “stick to the Word.” I suspect you know that I took “the better angels of our nature” from Lincoln’s first inaugural address, as he attempted to unify the country: “We must not be enemies”… he also said passions may strain but aren’t supposed to break our bonds of affection. But they have, they do, in myriad ways, from the national arena to the committee which cannot agree even on the simplest of things. We fail to learn and we suffer for it. Children suffer on account of it. Loss is staggering because of it. Any hope of resolution lies in our ability to pull together; the concept of collaborative spirit vs. combative spirit has been in my mind for a long time now. I finally worked it into this poem. Thank you again for your comment and for your courageous calling. I see it in your daughter as well – Kim is very dear to me!


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