The way of it

On the first required workday
before school begins
I drive the familiar backroads
once again

dew-drenched pastures
and old weatherboard barns
defy time
they are
their own world

then to my delight
a patch of tangled sunflowers
on the right
must have been growing here
all summer
I didn’t know
I think of Van Gogh
walking the rustic village
of Arles

up ahead, the pond
I scan it quickly
for the great blue heron
and there it is
at water’s edge
nearest the road
big and gray-blue
like a watercolor rendition
so perfect a pose

I feel light
like these are signs
that all will go well
with the work
lying before me

peace becomes strength
in my spirit
in my bones

on the second workday
I see it all again
even the heron

I can always face
the day ahead
whenever I see
the heron

I am so light
I could soar

then on the third day
without warning
orange signs on white gates
say the road is closed

I must detour

no passing the pond
no seeing heron
standing with elegiac grace
in the still water

although I know
it’s there

so on I fly
day after day
going out of my way
to get to where
I need to be

for now at least
I have the sunflowers

Vincent would say
it’s enough

keep painting the day
and the required work
around the barriers
until they are gone

that is
the way of it

Coming home; the pond is just ahead but I can’t see it

2 thoughts on “The way of it

  1. Beautiful! I love your voice in this poem! I feel like I’m right there riding with you. You tie in Vicent in these lines with the heron and they speak to me: “big and gray-blue/like a watercolor rendition so perfect a pose”. I resonate with these lines: peace becomes strength/in my spirit/in my bones” because when I see/hear wildlife, flowers, the woods, hike a mountain… I feel your exact words. I felt that way last night, when I was walking around our development and the chorus of tree frogs and crickets serenated me. Lovely how thinking of Vincent helps you solve your problem in this narrative poem. What a great poem! Thank you for sharing your joy and inspiration! Have fun in school! 🙂
    PS Could I please make a copy of your poem for my binder of mentor poets, and I will add the copyright by your name. Also, this is a narrative poem, write?


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