Anole awe

is the key
to surviving
and savoring
your days
in the sun

Anolis carolinensis, green anole, Carolina anole: call it what you will, it is hanging out on the side of the house, basking in the October afternoon sun, feeling green…

…while its pal here, hanging out six inches away, momentarily eschews greenness for a more autumnal hue. Green anoles are sometimes called American chameleons.

They are also considered signs of good luck, prosperity, renewal, and healing, due to their ability to regenerate their tails.

The anole figures large in Celtic lore as a spiritual guide and a symbol of life, death, and rebirth.

You have to wonder, looking at their tiny, wise, ancient eyes…

with thanks to E. Johnson for the photos

One thought on “Anole awe

  1. Must admit I had not really known anole and chameleon were the same, having maybe not heard the word anole much? I love those ancient eyes. And their spider man or whichever super hero attempts to replicate their sticky clingy “fingers”. Oh to be able to have the fly on the wall, the bird’s eye, or the chameleon basking in the sun or shade view for just a moment.
    (I have a sort of nature poem out on the 7th in the book What is a Friend? from Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell, Pomelo Books. Have you heard about this one? I can’t wait to read the other poems. It is for gr. 3 and up, so you might enjoy it!)

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