I was only halfway watching
when I heard the frenzied pitch
of announcers’ voices on TV

I looked, then, to see
the horse
that beautiful bay
breaking away from others
with unparalleled grace
with uncommon ease

—just like Secretariat!
cried the announcers

—oh, very much like him,
I thought, holding my breath
tears stinging my eyes
at a loss for any word
except glorious

crossing the finish line
the others far behind
undefeated Flightline
clearly is of
divine design

Flightline wins the Breeder’s Cup Classic by the largest margin in the history of the race

3 thoughts on “Flightline

  1. He was beautiful to watch and I was glad to see they decided to retire him to stud. Especially since he has had injuries off and on. Why risk him. But I still cant bring myself to compare him to Secretariat..lol


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