For my finch followers

On the fourth day of rebuilding after tragedy, here’s what the new house finch nest looks like:

In all the years of finches raising broods in my front door wreath, I have never seen a nest lined with such deep layers of fluff and feathers. The little blue eggs to come any morning now (prediction: the first one on Sunday) will be so well-cradled, so tenderly sheltered.

This week I read that birds mourn the loss of their young.

I believe it.

I also believe, looking at this nest, that my house finches are determined not to lose any more.



March 1: Auspices – discovery of an unusually early nest and eggs laid in February (with photo)

March 5: Eavesdropping – audio of the parent finches’ joyous chatter

March 14: Nestlings – likely hatched during a snowfall (with photo)

March 27: Finch elegy – sad discovery

March 28: Finch fortitude – beginning anew, so quickly (with video of the parents)

March 29: Blessing – the gift of carrying on (with photo)

4 thoughts on “For my finch followers

  1. I agree that the nest looks particularly cozy! This is nature at work- so much grit and ingenuity, problem-solving, and hope. Your words bring us all a little closer to nature. I appreciated how you linked related posts in your finch timeline, like a favorite series of all lined up in order. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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    • Cindy, the nest awes me. This one especially, coming immediately after the death-nest… I am heartened because the finches still consider the place safe even after the strange loss. A fresh start, so poignant and beautiful to me. No egg yet – maybe tomorrow! Thank you for your words and bird-love 🙂


    • The perseverance of the finches moves me deeply as well, Joanne. So poignant and beautiful, this resilient preparation for another brood. No egg yet. I think tomorrow. They will not be ready to hatch by Easter – still – the overcoming… you must let me know when you write the poem ❤

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