The brokenness of things: 1

When I was nine
on the playground
at school
I tried to jump from
the cemented tire
of an overturned
volleyball net pole
to grasp
the tallest of the
uneven bars

I missed

landing hard
in the packed sand

an audible snap

white-hot pain

my classmates gasping

look at your arm
look at your arm

a curious indention
there in the middle

the teacher’s face
turning the color
of Silly Putty

cradling my arm
in both of her hands
ushering me to the office
getting me a chair

calling my father

the school nurse
affixing a splint
and sling

cold waves of nausea
I’m going to throw up

a trashcan dragged over
it’s ok, you’re in shock
just use this

um, no

and how mad
is Daddy going to be?

He enters the office
with that furrowed brow
speaking first to my teacher
and then to the nurse

and then to me,

Hi, Honey…

and that’s when
I cry

(to be continued)

Sling. Nikita Kashner. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

3 thoughts on “The brokenness of things: 1

  1. Fran, I’m right there with you! I can see this unfolding in real time. My left arm – I broke it riding a strange horse bareback; right arm- falling off a ladder and lying about how it happened for fear I wouldn’t be allowed to go to my friend’s house again. Awesome topic today!

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    • Oh, Kim – what stories, two broken arms, and in spite of the pain thinking up a tale so you wouldn’t be forbidden to go to your friend’s house-! I had to think about what led me back to reliving this experience. Lots of metaphor – kind of tied it all up in my spiritual journey post.


  2. Great beginning! You sound like a dare devil, but I remember feeling invincible when I was young, also. I can hear the snap and feel your pain. I can feel the teacher’s anxiousness. “Silly Putty” is perfect! I like the repetition from your classmates. I love “I’m going to throw up.” I see your father’s “furrowed brow.” That was a good ending and I defenitely want to turn the page. Suspenseful, realistic, and great voice! Yes, your three poems flow well together and are good stand-alone poems, also. Great, keep going. 🙂

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