Good vibrations

Two of our three baby finches hatched 

I was expecting to find a hatched baby finch on Sunday.

Instead, I found two!

—I think.

I can really only tell it’s two because one egg of three is still there. Although I can kind of discern two different necks, one baby lying over the other.

I knew the eggs were due to hatch around Sunday, and all last week I wondered what the mother bird was experiencing. To begin with, she built—rebuilt, actually—her nest on top of the wreath on my front door, which means that any time we walk down the hallway or open any other doors in the house, she feels those vibrations. Is that a good thing, somehow? Is that a reason why finches like to build so close to humans, to feel those larger rhythms of life, perhaps trusting them to be benevolent and protective forces?

And I wondered—being a mom—if she could feel stirrings inside the eggs beneath her as she diligently kept them warm on these still-frosty nights and mornings. Eggshells are only so thick . . . Can she feel those tiny hearts beating under her, long before her chicks begin pecking their way out into the world?

So many good vibrations . . . .

Reminds me of the story behind the famous song. When he was young, Brian Wilson’s mother told him that dogs will bark at people who give off “bad vibrations.”

Inspired, Brian eventually composed the Beach Boys iconic masterpiece Good Vibrations.

Which leads me back to the naming of these three babies (in a previous post: Tiny trio).  Finches are singers, and my son is a Beach Boys aficionado, so . . . .

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Brian and Dennis (the latter of which was apparently revved up and decided to hatch early—how fitting).

Their brother Carl is due to arrive tomorrow.

—Stay tuned!

“I’m pickin’ up good vibrations . . . “

12 thoughts on “Good vibrations

  1. Hooray! I wasn’t expecting them to have hatched already. What a surprise. I also enjoyed the Beach Boy bit… who knew?!? You clearly notice the world around you- considering the various vibrations made me think.

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  2. Just lovely! I had a robin build her nest on the window’s ledge on our front porch. I made everyone go out through the garage instead of using the front door so Mama Robin would not be disturbed. Love your good vibrations and Beach Boys connections – and of course, the finches’ names!

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    • I have signs up to not disturb nesting birds – we can’t use the front door! Miraculous to me, how close to humans these birds nest. Would have loved to see your robins. Thank you for this sweet reply. 🙂


  3. The vibrations theme is fitting; did you come up with that first, or did it naturally fall into place? I’m finding connections to my post as well; my vibrational frequency has been low, subdued this spring break, and I’m wondering how that will play out against the energy of my fellow librarians at our meeting today.

    Thanks for keeping us updated on your newest brood!

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    • Naming the birds came first, kidding with my son about three bird “brothers,” let’s name them for the Wilsons of the Beach Boys. I am deeply curious as to why a mother finch wouldn’t be disturbed by being near so much human movement; I thought, maybe all these vibrations seem good or comforting – then- GOOD VIBRATIONS! I have to use it – it’s too good! I hope your meeting went well and I will hop over to your post. 🙂

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    • The ideas of vibrations – that birds must surely feel, and then the song – collided in my head and this is what came out. I wasn’t sure it would work – so thank you for these words!


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